Aboriginal Dot Reptile

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Inspired by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri’s synthetic polymer paint on canvas


Possum Dreaming

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Supplies needed:

White construction paper 12×18


Sharpie black fine point marker

Acrylic paint (5-10 colors- I USED 6 COLORS- DESERT LOOKING COLORS)


Paint Palette

Water Container

Thick Paint Brush

Paper Towels

Scrap Paper (for testing colors/ and what not)


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Position paper horizontally.


Using the thick paint brush, paint white paper all over.  – I choose a rusty color (red, yellow, dash of blue)

Once paint has dried draw a reptile with your pencil and outline with a black sharpie.

Fill in the reptile with a solid color.


Picture 680

Now it’s time to add dots.  Start adding your 1st dot by the lizard’s head- continue this using the same color until you have gone all the way around.  (Space dots evenly) Repeat this process using different colors until you have finished.


Fun Fact- Aboriginal dot originated in the desert using natural substances.


Picture 683




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