Seattle Van Gogh Style



Seattle Skyline Van Gogh Style-
A collaborative art project for our school auction


Supply List

40 4″ Stretched Canvas

1 24×36 Stretched Canvas – I bought white and painted it black

Assorted Acrylic Paints

Paint Brushes




Paper Towels

Liquid Masking Fluid

Hot Glue Gun
download (1)
The first step is to lay your canvases out- flip them over and label them 1-40
download (2)
Step two- draw your city and details.
download (3)
Step three- use liquid masking to go over all pencil lines (using liquid masking is a must with this project)
Helpful tip- douse your paintbrush in water then dish soap prior to the liquid mask- this will save your paintbrush! (liquid mask is a glue and will ruin your paintbrush)
download (4)
Step 4-  work one on one with each student.  They should each have at least one canvas to paint.  Once they are done painting remove the liquid mask. Fill in necessary gap.
download (5)
After all the students painted at least one canvas I painted the 24×36 canvas all black and had them sign their names on the back.  I mounted each canvas using a hot glue gun to the 24×36 canvas.


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