Still Life Blending Pear

5th Grade Completed Project
Blending and Still Life
1.5 Hour project
Supply List:
White multiple purpose paper
Flat Brush
Round Brush
Big round or flat brush
White Chalk
Tempura paints (red and blue)
Acrylic paints (see assorted paints I used below)
Paint palette
Water container
Scratch paper/ pencil for drawing pears
Paper towels
Hair dryer for quick drying
These were the acrylic paints I used
(you will just need LIKE colors)
Step One- using your big flat or round brush paint the entire paper with red tempura paint (this paint is watered down and will work well for this)
Step Two- Set aside and let dry.  (while this was drying the kids used a pencil and paper to practice drawing pears)
Step Three:  Using your chalk draw two lines so the kids can figure out where to start and end their pear. (if you don’t do this step you will have TINY pears)
Step Four- Using your chalk draw your pear and line across your paper
Step Five: Using your yellow paint and flat brush color in the pear
Step Six: Using green paint (your painting still should be wet) add to the right side. Blend in.
I would go about 3/4 of the way up the pear.
Step Seven: Add some brown to the left side. Blend
Step Eight: Add some more of the yellow and green (make sure you have dipped your paint brush in water) this will help in the blending.
Step Nine /Ten Optional: On the right side we added brown about 3/4  up and in the left side we added red (the acrylic one shown) about 3/4 of the way up and blended.  Then we repeated step eight.
Step Ten: add some white as shown and blend.
Step Eleven: Continue blending until desired results
Step Twelve- using a few blues color in the entire top (we choose to show a little red around the pear)
Step Thirteen: Repeat the process below (we used green and blue)
Step Fourteen: Draw your step (we used the brown and yellow)
Step Fifteen: Using your purple create a shadow (on the right bottom) Blend well.

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