Van Gogh Still Life











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Van Gogh Inspired Sill life


Supply List:

Chak Pastels

Black Paper

Elmers Glue


Hair Spray/Or Fixatif

Black Sharpie

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Position paper vertically

Begin 4 inches from the bottom of the paper

Using pencil, draw vase and fill it with flowers (avoid fine details)

Using pencil, draw vertical line (vase middle)

Once your vase and flowers are drawn add glue to the pencil lines.

Make sure the glue is completely dry (mine took 24 hours)


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Using chalk color in the areas

Use finger to blend and mix the color

I recommend having a damp paper towel next to you at all times (wipe fingers and keep the colors fresh)

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Once I was done with the chalk I used a black sharpie to define the chalk lines. you don’t need to do this- just a suggestion.

I also used Workable Fixatif to adhere the chalk and prevent staining. (you can use aerosol hairspray instead)

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